Intelligent Information Extraction

Morfo's Intelligent Module learns from your documents and extracts the most relevant pieces of information.

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Powerful Features

With Morfo you can trust submitted documents, verify plagiarised content, or keep under control specific fields of data such as expiring dates, sensitive content, or user information.

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A Secure Environment

Your data are securely stored in the blockchain by keeping their integrity, and in full transparency.

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We are a creative team of system developers and security specialists.

  • 10 year experience in system development and research.
  • Full stack developers
  • Enthusiastic, adoptable, creative
  • Positive thinking and leadership
  • Very responsive

What We Do

We hang out a lot together and like to discuss about different topics related to technology, but not only.
Branistorming and analysis are part of our everyday tasks.
We are computer scientists, when we see a problem we try to find a tech solution.


From observation to ideas


From ideas to concepts


Logic-driven and secure


Stable and user-friendly systems

What Future brings

We expect Morfosis to be implemented in different areas, not only in certifications archival. Institutions and companies dealing with different documents upload/download and their content verification would profit from the intelligent information extraction and secure storage that Morfosis brings.